Social Events

AIS offers many opportunities for our members to network with each other as well as give back to the local community. Through peer networking events, monthly social hours, and volunteer retreats you will have the opportunity to broaden your network and connect with your peers.

  • Peer networking events include competitive potluck and game night, Lake Wauberg retreat, skate station, sporting events among the e-board, etc. We welcome all members to partake in these events and bring their friends and peers.
  • Social hours are monthly get togethers at local Gainesville establishments. They provide a platform where members have the opportunity to discuss career opportunities, career advice, or uncertainties related to the job search with their peers and senior members.
  • Volunteering events allow our members to give back to the local community by taking part in philanthropic activities. Events such as Relay for Life, spending the afternoon at the Boys and Girls Club, and helping out the local primate sanctuary Jungle Friends provides our members the opportunity to build leadership and team building skills. These events teach our members to be well-rounded and global individuals who are aware of the current issues the world faces and are willing to make a difference.
Event Location Date
New Student Orientation Hough Hall Aug 19th, 2016
1st General Body Meeting Hough Hall 240 Aug 23rd, 2016
1st Social ooZoo Bar Aug 23rd, 2016

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