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Bridging the Gap: Alumni Seminar Series

In Spring 2016, AIS also launched Bridging the Gap, an Alumni Seminar Series to reconnect alumni with current AIS/ISOM students and help shed light on life post ISOM. In Spring of 2018 AIS Launched the first Alumni Mentoring program. The series consisted of alumni in varying roles that are assigned to members in both their related fields. The mentor answers questions on their experiences in the work field and how their careers have evolved post ISOM. The goal of the mentorship program is to provide a platform for current members to interact with and reach out to Alumni while learning about the different career possibilities after graduation; and gaining a lifelong mentor in the process.

Alumni Database

The Alumni Database is another avenue for members to remain engaged. It consists of a comprehensive list of UF AIS ISOM Alumni and includes information such as their current position, employer, location, and contact information. The database currently spans 10 years as it goes as far back as 2006 - when ISOM was still DIS. The aim for this database is to provide members with a resource to reach out to and network with Alumni and allow Alumni to remain involved with UF AIS and the ISOM program post-graduation.