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Company Fact Sheets

In the past, AIS would send out logistical information for Information Sessions prior to the event. However, many ISOM students and AIS members would encounter companies that they had never heard of. Start from this year, before each Information Session, AIS will send out a brief Company Fact Sheet to our members in order to provide a quick overview of the company attending and answer any FAQs. This helped members better guide their research on the company before the event and ask more substantial questions.


Information Sessions

Information Sessions are a unique opportunity for companies to present about the opportunities available, their corporate culture and their recruitment process. They allow for our members to get a glimpse of the type of work they would be doing, ask questions and meet recruiters or professionals presenting. We also have the opportunity to host some virtually.


Local Business Initiatives

AIS strives to maintain professional relations with companies that foster the growth and development of our members. This year we sought to create meaningful relationships with local businesses in order to encourage partnerships that would provide continual benefits for our members. Our most successful local outreach was working with Dough Religion, a new restaurant to the Gainesville area that is located near the University of Florida campus and has a target demographic of students. We managed to get favorable rates for social events and feel confident that our relationship with Dough Religion will continue for the foreseeable future.