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Python workshop (DAY 1)
6:30 PM18:30

Python workshop (DAY 1)

Details: This workshop will cover various python libraries used for scientific computing. Before coming to workshop-Download and install Anaconda Python distribution for PYTHON 2. WE ARE USING PYTHON 2, NOT PYTHON 3. (this includes Jupyter, a Python interpreter that will allow you to run iPython notebooks) NOTE: you can use Python 3 but there are some syntax differences, so be familiar with these.  

Use this link:
Download the iPython notebooks and files from GitHub. Just click “clone or download" in the top right-hand corner, and select "download zip"

Use this link:
Open up the Anaconda launcher, the Jupyter page will open in a web browser, and navigate to the location of the downloaded files. Through the Jupyter webpage, you will be able to run the iPython inotebook. The workshop is - UF DSI Python 0 - 10_26_16 - Student.ipynb 

Note: Food will be Provided.

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