What We Provide



Maximizing the job hunt is what we are here for. We offer professional development to best prepare our members to successfully enter and thrive in the job market. We supply tips, tricks and all necessary information concerning any career track (IT, Business Intelligence and Supply Chain) so they can better prepare themselves for anything that comes their way. Our overall goal is to provide exclusive opportunities for our members to develop the necessary skill to succeed and put them in front of top employers for the best recruitment opportunities possible.

Corporate Relations

In accordance to UF AIS’s mission that focuses on “supplying information concerning the many career paths available to [our members], and to provide exclusive opportunities to meet with top employers,” AIS hosts numerous opportunities directly aligned with the career search.

Technical Workshops

Via the ISOM program, our members learn a few programming languages, learn to use Solver with Excel and learn how to create databases with Java and C#. However, unless they take the IT track, they may not learn how to mix their programming skills so AIS would deliver workshops for key tools such as Python, R, SQL, and Statistics concepts.


Social Events

The social events that AIS hosts aim to be diverse and inclusive so to engage all of our members. We hope that through these events, our members can form bonds that withstand their time at the University of Florida and carry into their professional lives.

Alumni Database

Alumni database consists of a comprehensive list of UF AIS ISOM Alumni and includes information such as their current position, employer, location, and contact information. The database currently spans 10 years. The aim for this database is to provide members with a resource to reach out to and network with Alumni and allow Alumni to remain involved with UF AIS and the ISOM program post-graduation.

Community Service

UF AIS’s Community Service is our version of Corporate Citizenship and Responsibility. Through engagement
with the greater community, our members gain valuable skills and experience while giving back to
meaningful causes. This Spring, UF AIS hosted four events directly focused on bettering the community.