Our Social

The social events that AIS hosts aim to be diverse and inclusive so to engage all of our members.

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Beginning of the Semester Socials 

At the beginning of each semester, after our first General Body Meeting, AIS hosts a back to school social in Midtown (due to its proximity to the Hough Graduate School of Business). The Fall social was held at The Swamp and our Spring social was held at ooZoo and Dough Religion (one of our local business partners). These socials enable new members to meet, returning members to catch up after the holiday break and everyone to have a good time!

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Potluck + Game Night

To help foster unity amongst our diverse group of members, our chapter hosted a competitive potluck and game night in the Spring semester. Individuals were able to bring dishes from their home country to share a little of their culture which brought our members closer together by sharing their food and heritage with their peers. By engaging in fun games, they got to bond over Mafia, Cards Against Humanity, and more!


Lake Wauberg


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Gator basketball game



Graduation Party