Python, VBA

Via the ISOM program, our members learn a few programming languages, learn to use Solver with Excel, and learn how to create databases in Access. However, unless they take the IT track, they may not learn how to mix their programming skills with their Access databases, and outside of Java and C#, they would have to pick up other programming languages and skills on their own. In the Fall semester, Michael Cordoba, an ISOM grad and current Deloitte Technology Advisory Associate, taught our members the basics of Python and how to extract and manipulate data using the popular programming language. In the Spring semester, Yoel Lapscher, an ISOM student with prior experience with P&G, hosted a VBA Workshop for AIS members to utilize and apply their programming skills in Excel.


Project Management Workshop by GE

In the Fall semester, AIS partnered with GE to host a Project Management Workshop with Lou Ortega, Matt Ausman, and Jamie Voisin. The GE professionals walked our members through the project management lifecycle with an example containing real world application. The session taught our members about the many practical skills, techniques and perspectives involved in an IT project and its timeline from planning at the beginning stages to accounting for potential risks and completing risk management


Technical Interviewing Workshop by SSP

SSP, a Gator100 company specializing in GIS, hosted a hybrid information session and professional development workshop in the Spring semester, that addressed both how to stand out in a technical interview and informed our members about the various opportunities within SSP. More often than not, our members encounter technical interviews during their office visits and do not know the proper ways to tackle them. SSP provided our members a ‘peak behind the curtain’ on how technical companies conduct these interviews as well as allowed attendees to work through logic questions that are similar to the ones given during the hiring process. The workshop taught our members how to approach these questions and the importance of explaining their thought process out loud to the interviewer in order to ace their technical interviews!